President Trump Issues Memorandum Reducing Regulatory Burdens For Domestic Manufacturing

Troutman Sanders LLP
Peter S. Glaser and Andrew J. Flavin

February 7, 2017

On January 24th, President Trump issued a memorandum to reduce permitting and regulatory burdens for domestic manufacturing by directing executive agencies to support the expansion of manufacturing in the United States through expedited reviews and approvals of proposals to construct or expand manufacturing facilities.

Specifically, the memo requires the Secretary of Commerce (“Secretary”) to solicit comments on the impacts of federal regulations on domestic manufacturers, as well as federal actions to streamline permitting and otherwise reduce regulatory burdens.  The Secretary is also required to coordinate with other agencies, including the Departments of Agriculture and Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.  Within 60 days of completion, the Secretary must submit a report to the President with a plan to streamline federal permitting processes and reduce regulatory burdens for domestic manufacturing.  The report should also recommend priority actions and deadlines, as well as necessary changes to existing regulations, statutes, policies, practices or procedures, particularly those that can be taken immediately under existing authority.

Permitting and other regulatory burdens have severely impeded energy infrastructure development, and those interested in working with the Trump Administration to alleviate those impediments should seize this opportunity to pursue similar assistance.  For more information on this memorandum, please contact Peter Glaser or Andy Flavin.

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