Synergy supports our clients by offering innovative, low cost solutions for ongoing environmental compliance. Our underground storage tank (UST) compliance system is described below, we also provide technical support to the legal, real estate and financial services professions in the form of litigation support, expert witness services and insurance claims technical support.

Synergy UST Compliance uses a proprietary system for UST leak detection, environmental compliance and inventory management that expands the remote access capabilities of any Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) system.

Benefits of the Synergy UST Compliance system:

  • Reduces reporting/compliance costs
  • Reduces response costs
  • Reduces inventory costs

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  • Regulatory permitting (air discharge, RCRA, residual waste, solid waste, storm water, UST, public water supply)
  • Regulatory compliance audits
  • Regulatory reporting assistance (Tier II, AIMS, residual Hazardous waste biennial, etc.)
  • Spill and pollution prevention plans (PPC, SPCC, SPR, SPP, etc.)


  • Experienced insurance professionals on staff
  • Oversight of Underground storage tank removal and installation projects (certified personnel in Pennsylvania and New Jersey)
  • Oversight of Asbestos and lead paint abatement projects
  • Invoice review of environmental consulting/contracting costs
  • Cost recovery/subrogation technical support
  • PRP Settlement expertise – technical support and liability assumption
  • Cause and Origin analysis
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