Synergy’s UST Services group helps our clients to integrate environmental and operational management responsibilities in the most systematic, cost effective manner. Our experts have been managing remediation and compliance for thousands of retail petroleum and other industrial operations sites for decades. In addition to Compliance & Inventory Management Software below are other UST services which we are able to offer.

Our Storage Tank Management

Portfolio Management
Whether you have a single facility or a schedule of hundreds of locations, Synergy is able to coordinate and perform appropriate environmental due diligence, work with applicable local regulatory agencies, private insurance companies and other funding authorities, manage on site field activities, and provide thorough, accurate, professional communication to our clients at all levels of their own or affiliated organizations.

Appropriate Due Diligence
For buyers and sellers of retail petroleum site portfolios, appropriate due diligence describes how we apply our decades of experience to each transaction’s unique circumstances. Our emphasis is on working with existing technical information as much as possible, including prior site assessments and electronic records searches.  We understand the need for professionalism, confidentiality and discretion in working with the various other entities involved in a due diligence transaction. 

Determine Funding Sources
A critical consideration in evaluating environmental liabilities related to a pending portfolio transfer is determining what if any third party funding sources are available.  Sources of funding vary but can include insurance policies, state administered UST funds, grant and incentive programs, prior indemnity agreements, and remediation trust or escrow accounts.  Synergy is able to evaluate each of these sources for applicability and availability and use this information when establishing ongoing environmental budgets.

On Site Field Activities
Synergy is able to respond to any UST removal, installation, or tank upgrade with experienced, professional staff, versed in local regulatory requirements.  Synergy can provide necessary equipment and staff to conduct site investigation and remediation.  See links for further details on capabilities and project experience.

Remediation Equipment
Synergy utilizes both specialized and commonly available equipment as needed to achieve remedial results.

In many cases, Synergy personnel are able to adapt existing used equipment from our inventory for project specific applications, which greatly reduces project costs.  Synergy works very closely with RES a group which is expert in implementing economically and functionally efficient remediation equipment.

Remediation Services
For description of our remediation capabilities see the link to this page.

UST Compliance Services
We use a proprietary software program to communicate and monitor retail petroleum UST’s in real time for both environmental compliance and inventory management.  This software program works with existing remote access functions of any existing ATG system, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the ATG system as a tool to monitor tank status.  Because our system is simple to implement and its operation is entirely web-based, our clients find it to be the most effective method available to handle the normally cumbersome and time consuming tasks of environmental compliance and inventory management for retail petroleum UST systems.  For more info on UST Compliance or contact us at

Storage Tank Management A, B, and C Operator Training
The 2005 US Federal Energy Act which has already been written into law contains provisions requiring that retail petroleum service stations have various levels of training completed for each category of operator at their station.  See Synergy’s training curriculum in the Synergy Training Center for details about available courses to satisfy compliance for this requirement.

At Synergy Environmental, our emphasis is on solving environmental problems which adversely impact our clients business operations. Our business solution approach to developing our proposals and scopes of work is two step:

Step 1.  Determine Funding Availability –
Before the project begins, we work with the client to determine funding available to pay for releases.  The initial sources considered include State UST funds,  private insurance obligations, and contractual indemnities available through negotiations during  property transfers.

Step 2.  Identify Objectives/ End Points
Once funding sources are determined, we begin to develop a scope of work by considering site specific conditions which will impact the work, including:

  • The client’s business objective for future use of the site(s)
  • The State’s environmental regulatory framework and guidelines for Risk Based Closures and pitfalls to avoid
  • Critically assess the existing environmental conditions
  • Evaluate the presence of sensitive receptors to determine endpoints


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