Brian I. FitzPatrick, P.G., President and CEO

Has over 30 years of work experience as a hydrogeologist/geologist, and senior executive for several large national consulting and engineering firms. His experience includes project management in the following areas: remedial investigations/feasibility studies, hydrogeologic aquifer testing, soil gas surveys, groundwater treatment, underground storage tank management, monitoring well installation, well development, soil and groundwater sampling, hazardous waste management, insurance subrogation, expert testimony, and litigation support. 

Brian K. Loughnane, P.G., Director of Geosciences

Has 29 years of work experience as a hydrogeologist for several large national consulting and engineering firms. His experience includes project management or technical expertise in the following areas: CERCLA (Superfund), remedial investigations/feasibility studies, multi-flow rate and constant flow rate aquifer testing, packer testing, indoor air quality assessments, soil gas surveys, groundwater treatment, underground storage tank management, borehole geophysical investigations, monitoring well installation, well development, soil and groundwater sampling, Brownfield’s redevelopment, hazardous waste management, and litigation support. 

David S. Robinson, LSRP, Senior Associate

With over 30 years of experience as a project manager dealing with remediation of brownfields. He is a recognized expert in the evaluation and application of innovative a sustainable technologies for site remediation. Mr. Robinson has successfully managed the investigation and remediation of one of New Jersey’s largest Brownfields Development Areas (BDA), and he holds several patents for utilizing chemical oxidation for environmental remediation. 

Hazem M. Hijazi, P.E., Director of Engineering

Has over 30 years of experience performing environmental engineering projects covering site investigations and design to onsite control of construction and remediation projects. His technical expertise includes the areas of waste management and treatment, groundwater extraction and treatment, water resources engineering, geotechnical engineering, landfill closure and investigations and environmental regulatory compliance. He provides comprehensive environmental services related to air pollution permitting, equipment evaluation, Title V source evaluation, and similar air services.  

Christopher J. Horan, P.G., LSP, Senior Project Manager

Has 29 years of experience providing services to industrial and commercial clients, municipalities, and water purveyors. His experience includes emergency response, site characterization and remediation, water treatment, and construction management. He is a licensed Professional Geologist and has managed projects in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut,  Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. 

Mitchel M. Moss, Director

Over 35 years’ experience in remedial project management, secure landfill facility management, industrial wastewater treatment operations, industrial construction, iron and steel plant operations, construction & operation of thermal treatment systems, technical marketing, interfacing with, and reporting to, regulatory agencies. Specialties: supervision of projects and project managers to insure profitable, safe and timely completion of projects.

Dennis J. Libenson, P.G., LSRP, Project Geologist

Has more than 24 years of experience in geologic field investigations. His background includes extensive private consulting experience and logging oil and gas exploration wells. He has performed and supervised Phase I environmental site assessments; Phase II investigations, and remedial actions under both the New Jersey Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) and the Pennsylvania Voluntary Cleanup Program (formerly known as Act 2). 

Gary J. Sheridan, Operations Manager

Has 30 + years of experience managing and performing the fabrication of electrical and mechanical equipment, and has managed and assisted in the sales, design, and fabrication of over 50 remediation systems. His experience includes managing and performing installation, start up, and maintenance of SVE/Sparge systems, Thermal/Catalytic Oxidizers, Oil Water Separators, Dual Phase Extraction Systems and Electrical controls. Mr. Sheridan is certified in the repair of M-D Tuthill Positive Displacement blowers.

Brink Young, V.P. Business Development

Has over 25 years’ experience selling products and services to business owners & high-level executives. His experience includes both the Environmental & Insurance industries. He has had supervisory roles in both remediation of soils and groundwater as well as numerous emergency response incidents. As a Risk Manager, he has provided oversight and consulting services to industry.

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